Knowledge Technology Group: Language Technology
The Language Platform is an environment where language processing tools and linguistic resources are created, stored, and maintained for further use and sharing. Thus, the main components of the language platform are language processing tools and linguistic resources – being tangible tools, modules and data; and methods or techniques – namely reference material for any development work (Figure 1).
Language platform consists of the following components:
:: Text Feature Processing
:: Speech Feature Processing
Among the works currently being done are:
Language Tools:
:: Generic Named Entity Recognition for Indigenous Languages of Sarawak
:: A Generic Text to Speech System for Indigenous Languages in Sarawak
Repository Development:
:: Multilingual WordNet
:: Electronic Records of Indigenous Knowledge: Recording and Classifying of Kelabit Oral Traditions
:: Applications for Minority Languages/Communities:
:: Design and Development of a Spoken Language Dialogue System: Efficacy of Usability Evaluation Techniques
Language Preservation:
:: Investigation of Online Collaborative Approach in Developing an Orthography System
:: Revitalisation and Maintenance of Indigenous Languages through ICT and Global Diaspora Using Crowdsourcing Method
Exploration of Methodologies:
:: Methodologies for Translation into Minority Languages: English-Iban
:: Multimodal Integration Technique in a Map-Based system using Spatial and Deictic Relationship
:: Spatial Description Framework