Rules & Regulations


UNIMAS has endorsed a common Academic Regulations 2019 which is applicable to all Undergraduate Students. All students must adhere to these Academic Regulations 2019 . Failing to do so, will results in disciplinary actions or termination as a UNIMAS student.

UNIMAS staff and students are also advised to read and to be familiar with the UNIMAS ICT Policy. Any violation of the rules and procedures stated in UNIMAS ICT Policy may result in disciplinary or legal actions. The Policy will be reviewed on a yearly basis and amendments may be made to, so please do refer back to the policy when there are questions on the use and governance of ICT assets of the university.

Meanwhile, in the Faculty, there are also Rules & Regulations to ensure that all processes are well in place and orderly maintained. Please refer to the list below for recent Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology & Regulations :