Knowledge Technology (KT)

Knowledge Engineering Research Group (KE)
Knowledge Engineering Research Group (KE) aim to aggregate all researchers in the related disciplines or crossed disciplines to collaborate to solve pressing problems in knowledge engineering. The ultimate goal of KER is addressing problem of knowledge extraction, representation, and generation of new knowledge.
Knowledge Management Research Group (KM)
Knowledge Management Research Group (KM) conduct research related to techno-centric with a focus on technology, ideally those that enhance knowledge sharing and creation; organisational with a focus on how an organisation can be designed to facilitate knowledge processes best; and ecological with a focus on the interaction of people, identity, knowledge, and environmental factors as a complex adaptive system akin to a natural ecosystem.
Human-Centered Computing Research Group
Human-Centered Computing Research Group aim is to investigate how we can improve the quality of interaction and experience between humans and technology.

Biometric Research Group
Biometric Research Group study the methods and algorithms to improve detection, feature extraction, identification, authentication and recognition of human, animals, plants and other non-living objects, that uses attributes such as face, retina, behaviour, fingerprints, patterns and composition, distinct features and etc.

Gamification Research Group
Gamification Research Group exploits multidisciplinary expertise including game-based learning, design and computational thinking, creative thinking, social informatics and pedagogy. We have recently received funding from NEWTON UK-SEA programme and will be building a lab suited as well for gamification. Existing collaborations are with Disruptive Media Learning Lab and Coventry University, United Kingdom.
Medical Image Processing, Analysis, and Visualization Research Group
Medical Image Processing, Analysis, and Visualization Research Group covers the processing, quantitative analysis, semantic interpretation and visualization of medical images. The aim of this group are to develop computational methods and algorithms to analyze and quantify biomedical data; apply information analysis to biomedical research problems; and develop tools for analysing biomedical data to support the discovery and advancement of biomedical knowledge.

Service Learning Research Group
Service Learning Research Group engages in collaborative research in the area of Service Learning. This group will work closely with other research groups to address developments in subject-related Service Learning in mentioned research areas as above, and incorporating the ability to engage the organisations and the community in responding to their needs towards achieving a sustainable community.


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Ts. Dr Sarah Flora Samson Juan
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Dr Fatihah Ramli
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Dr Mohammad Hossin
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Dr Suhaila Saee
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Dr Nadianatra Musa
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Dr Dyg Hanani
Abg Ibrahim
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Ts. Dr Lim Phei Chin
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Mr Jonathan Sidi
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Madam Inson Din
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Madam Rosita Mohamed Othman
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Madam Nurul Zawiyah Mohamad
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Madam Chiu Po Chan
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Miss Emmy Dahliana Hossain

1. An Enhancement of Provenance Model incorporating Service Versioning (Dr Dayang Hanani Binti Abang Ibrahim)

2. Development of a technology package to deploy an offline application CATs in rural communities (Dr Dayang Hanani Binti Abang Ibrahim)

3. A New Service Learning Framework to Integrate Technologies in Managing Service Learning in Computer Science Domain (Dr Dayang Hanani Binti Abang Ibrahim)

4. Sarawak Heritage Innovation Songket and Keringkam(R&D PSDT Project) (Dr Dayang Hanani Binti Abang Ibrahim)

5. Preserving Kampung Heritage using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (Dr Dayang Hanani Binti Abang Ibrahim)

6. Building ecosystem and its sustainability for Sarawak Songket and Keringkam (OKSHE) (Dr Dayang Hanani Binti Abang Ibrahim)

7. Beyond contextual polarity: towards a topic-sensitive opinion mining model using behavioral variables (Dr Bong Chih How)

8. Predicting Software's Quality in Use from User Reviews (Dr Bong Chih How)

9. A Generative Probabilistic Linguistic Algorithm to Support Open-domain Question and Answering (Dr Bong Chih How)

10. Towards Computational Methods for Meta-Analysis: Automatic Detection of Synonymous in Variables (Dr Bong Chih How)

11. Recognizing Textual Entailment by Identifying Directional Correlation in Vector Space Model (Dr Bong Chih How)

12. Building on Ontology of Historical Newspaper Based on METHONTOLOGY and Natural Language Procesing Techniques (Dr Fatihah Binti Ramli)

13. Strengthening Information Systems (IS) Undergraduate Programme Towards Future Ready Curriculum (Dr Fatihah Binti Ramli)

14. The Role of Service Learning on Empowering Women in Digital Economy (Dr Fatihah Binti Ramli)

15. Effects of Visual Granularity in Visual Mnemonics on the Learning of Reactions in Organic Chemistry (Dr Lim Phei Chin)

16. The Modified Data Classification Version of Bacterial Foraging Swarm Optimization Algorithm (Dr Mohammad Bin Hossin)

17. Asynchronous Collaborative Orthography Development  Methodology for Indigenous Languages (Dr Nadianatra Binti Musa)

18. Service Learning Guidelines and Checklist for Computer Science Technopreneur and Product Development and Product Development (Dr Nadianatra Binti Musa)

19. Old Kuching Branding Souvenir Product (Merchandise) and Services(OKH) (Dr Nadianatra Binti Musa)

20. Branding and Commercialization of Heritage Product and Services Ecosystem (OKSHE) (Dr Nadianatra Binti Musa)

21. A Generic Text to Speech System for Indigenous Languages in Sarawak (Dr Sarah Flora Anak Samson Juan)

22. Corpus Building for a Multilingual Automatic Speech Recognition System (Dr Sarah Flora Anak Samson Juan)

23. Modelling an Innovation Ecosystem for BIG-Maker, a Digital Makerspace for School in the Remote Area of Borneo (Dr Sarah Flora Anak Samson Juan)

24. Applying Text Mining Techniques to Sarawak Gazette (Dr Stephanie Chua Hui Li)

25. A Pattern Discovery Model for Text Mining (Dr Stephanie Chua Hui Li)

26. A plot-based knowledge extraction method for story-based document summarization (Dr Stephanie Chua Hui Li)

27. Inducing Morphological Information from Three Under-Resourced Languages (U-RL) in Sarawak (Dr Suhaila Binti Saee)

28. Building Machine Readable Dictionaries by Unifying the Structures of Indigenous Language Dictionaries using Formal Grammars and XML (Dr Suhaila Binti Saee)

29. Name entity recognition from historical documents for timeline visualisation of cultural heritage (Dr Suhaila Binti Saee)

30. Costumer-Centered Design (CCD) Approach for Improving E-Commerce Website Usability (Ts. Syahrul Nizam Bin Junaini)

31. From Phantom Instructor to Real Mentor: Reshaping Activities for Authentic Learner Engagement in MOOC Environment (Ts. Syahrul Nizam Bin Junaini)

32. Gamification of Augmented Learning (GOAL): A Framework for Developing AR Board Game for STEM Education (Ts. Syahrul Nizam Bin Junaini)

33. GAMBAR: Gamification-based Augmented Reality Framework for Enhancing Art Gallery and Museum Visitor Experience (Ts. Syahrul Nizam Bin Junaini)

34. Learning History via Automatically Generated Lexical Games (Mdm Amelia Jati Anak Robert Jupit)

35. Performance Measurement Based IT Audit Framework for Higher Learning Institutions using IT Governance Techniques (Mdm Inson Binti Din)

36. Scaffolding Students' Application of Conceptual Understanding into Technical Design for Data Modelling Subjects at FCSIT (Mdm Nurul Zawiyah Binti Mohamad)

37. Requirement Elicitation Process Model in Designing ICT Application for Single Mothers (Mdm Rosita Binti Mohamed Othman)

38. A Design of Transcribing Tool for Kelabit Language (Miss Emmy Dahliana Binti Hossain)


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Izatul Nadiah Binti Ahim
Dr Nadianatra Musa (Supervisor)
Dr Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim (Co-Supervisor)
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Lim Chun Then
Dr Bong Chih How & Dr Lee Nung Kion (Supervisor)
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Zunaina Binti Matali
Dr Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim (Supervisor)
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Muhd Fitri Bin Mirhassan
Dr Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim (Supervisor)
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Nursyahirah Binti Tarmizi
Dr Suhaila Saee (Supervisor)
Dr Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim(Co-Supervisor)
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Nur Izza Nabila Binti Ahmad
Ts. Syahrul Nizam Junaini (Supervisor)
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Yii Sze Hang
Dr Lim Phei Chin(Supervisor)