Subject to change. BPPs and the Faculty have the rights to amend the procedures and regulations without prior notice.
1. I would like to defer my study.
I’m applying for deferment before the end of Week 2 AND I haven’t registered as an active student yet . How do I go about it?
1. No need to register as an active student.

2. Write a letter/email to the Dean requesting approval for deferment of study. Take note that deferment application can only be performed for the current semester. If you plan to defer your study again next semester, you need to re-apply (max 3 semesters1 over the period of study). Once approved, the Faculty will submit a memo to BPPs. You will then need to periodically check in eStudent for your status to be updated to “Tangguh Pengajian”.

1For International Students, please consult UNIMAS GLOBAL first before you decide to apply for study deferment.
2. I'm not happy with my course grade.
I don’t understand why my total mark is 51/100 but my final grade is D. Why?
1. For FCSIT students, you need to pass BOTH continuous AND final assessment component of your total course mark. The pass threshold is set at 20%.

2. Say your course has a 60/40 split. In order to obtain a pass for the course, you need to fulfil ALL THREE (3) conditions:

  • Obtain at least 12 out of 60 marks allocated for the continuous assessment component.
  • Obtain at least 8 out 40 marks allocated for the final assessment component.
  • The total mark must be at least 45/100 (C-).
3. I would like to register/drop a course.
I would like to take more/less than the permitted credit hour range.
1. Complete the AK3-OR form in eStudent and submit it to the General office before the end of Week 2. Please be reasonable with your request, the credit cap is there for a reason.

2. Take note that the approval is for the number of credit hours that you can register this semester. Please make sure the course is available before applying. If the course is not available then you have to use the approved extra credit hours for a different course.

3. You also need to complete and submit the AK3-OR form if your credit hours is less than 8.

4. The Faculty has the right to reject your application after Week 2.
4. I would like to ask about Intersession.
Does the Faculty allows course registration during intersession?

1. Generally no. We only consider offering a course to graduating students subject to the Course lecturer's availability.

2. You can only register Generics, MPUs and University Electives during Intersession.

3. You can register a Programme Core/Specialisation course during Intersession only if you’re repeating the subject.

4. Please be aware of the registration date and deadlines for Intersession.

5. Contact your Programme Coordinator to discuss your Intersession plan.

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