Gamification Centre

MyCapsule Space, the first Gamification Lab in Malaysia, is the self-designed lab that focuses on the principles of 21st century learning spaces. Most importantly, it is specifically designed to encourage co-creation and promote playful learning experience. MyCapsule Space is located at the lower-ground of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology building (Block A).


“Learning through play helps develop resilience”

The centre aims to provide a platform to generate and promote evidence-based ideas to bring about success stories in classroom and outside classroom through playful learning. The centre leverages on its members who are spearheading research and innovation in gameful learning. We celebrate stories and achievements to inspire educators worldwide to continually enhance thinking. 


To inspire, influence and create impact in research on game-based learning in Malaysia and in the region.

More Info :

Associate Professor Dr Jacey Lynn Minoi
Director of UNIMAS Gamification Centre
Tel: +6082583747