UW6481002 - Bachelor in Computer Science (Information Systems) with Honours, MQA/FA9704

Nowadays, enterprises are moving to a higher level of automation and are highly dependent on information provided by computer-based system. These complex systems will become an exceedingly important strategic asset of the organisation. The study of Information System, therefore, is concerned with the development of systems that will get the right information to the right people at the right time. This programme’s four (4) year structure is designed for students who wish to be competent in deciding how technology are utilise to support organisational/business objectives or to create new opportunities, determine the supporting process and data, implementing computer-based systems and also developing new and innovative products. All courses consist of extensive theoretical and practical studies will require the use of a wide variety of system development tools. With organisations, people, processes and technical aspects in system development as its focal point, students will be equipped with basic organisational theory, decision-making, project management and system development skills, which are parallel with the latest information technology system.

Career Opportunities
Graduates of Information System Programme would be able to have careers in fields such as (but not limited to) Information Systems Officer, System Analyst, Database Administrator, Database Analyst, Project Manager, Application Developer, Application Consultant, Business Analyst, Business Process Analyst, User Interface Designer, Web Content Manager, e-Business Manager, IT Consultant, IT Architect, Research Officer and Educator.

Madam Nurul Zawiyah Mohamad
Programme Coordinator

UW6481002 Information Systems
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak 
94300 Kota Samarahan
Email: mnzawiyah@unimas.my